best online marketing courses

Best Online Marketing Courses

Classes for marketing studies are very relevant to business people across the globe. A course in marketing can broaden your employment opportunities in several industries, right from retail to technology and there are marketing positions available across various industries and segments.

Today, with huge changes in the marketing landscape and everything turning digital, it is vital for marketing professionals to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends too. And, with so many online marketing courses available, we have reviewed some of the best online courses for marketing on the Coursera and edX platforms to help you choose the best.

Reviews of the Best Online Course for Marketing

Let’s take a look at the very best online marketing courses you can take right now!

Marketing in a Digital World

best online courses for marketingFirst on my best online course for marketing is the Marketing in a Digital World course is offered by University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and is part of the iMBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, a fully-accredited, flexible online MBA program. The course is 1 of the 7 courses in the Digital Marketing Specialization and can be done on its own too. If you are admitted into the full MBA program, then the course will count towards the final degree.

Available on the Coursera platform, the beginner level marketing course can be completed in around 29 hours. The course is taught by Aric Rindfleisch, John M. Jones Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Administration.

The course studies how the internet, smartphones, 3D printing and other digital tools are revolutionizing the world of marketing and it examines how the balance of power has shifted from businesses to the end consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is among the most popular courses on Coursera and has more than 150,000 learners.

The syllabus of the course includes:

  • Course Overview & Digital Tools for Developing Innovative New Products (13 videos, 11 readings, 7 quizzes)
  • Digital Tools for Persuading Customers to Buy Your Products (10 videos, 4 readings, 5 quizzes)
  • Digital Tools for Effectively Distributing Your Products (12 videos, 5 readings, 5 quizzes)
  • Digital Tools for Setting the Right Prices for Your Products (12 videos, 5 readings, 5 quizzes)

Digital Marketing Specialization Certificate

This Specialization is offered by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and is part of the iMBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. The Specialization is taught by Aric Rindfleisch, John M. Jones Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Administration, Mike Yao, Associate Professor of Digital Media, Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising, Kevin Hartman, Visiting Professor and Head of Analytics at Google and Vishal Sachdev, Clinical Assistant Professor, Director, Illinois MakerLab, Business Administration.

The Specialization looks at the various aspects of the digital marketing environment including topics like, digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, 3D printing, etc. On completing the Specialization, you will have a deeper understanding of the digital marketing landscape and acquire the concepts and tools that can help you create, promote, price and distribute the products and services digitally.

The Specialization comprises of 7 courses:

  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory
  • Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice
  • Digital Media & Marketing Principles
  • Digital Media & Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing in an Analog World
  • Digital Marketing Capstone

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing course is offered on the edX platform by Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. The program consists of 4 courses and each course will take around 5-6 weeks to complete. The course is taught by the faculty of the Wharton School, Pete Fader, Professor of Marketing, Raghu Iyengar, Associate Professor, David Bell, Marketing Expert and Jonah Berger, Associate Professor. The cost of the course is $584 per course.

Designed by renowned marketing professors from the Wharton School, the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing will help you learn the marketing skills which are highly in demand today such as marketing analytics, social media strategy and analysis, omni-channel marketing, marketing analytics, data-driven and customer-centric approaches and customer retention.

The courses in the program include:

  • Fundamental of Digital Marketing, Social Media & E-Commerce
  • Marketing Analytics: Data Tools & Techniques
  • Managing the Value of Customer Relationships
  • Selling Ideas: How to Influence Others & Get Your Message to Catch On

Marketing Management

The Marketing Management course offered by IIM-B is part of the Business Management and Entrepreneurship MicroMasters programs and can be taken on its own too. The intermediate-level program can be completed in around 9 weeks and is taught by Ashis Mishra, Assistant Professor, Marketing, IIM Bangalore. You can enroll into the course for free but if you want a certificate of completion, you need to pay a fee of $150.

This marketing course teaches you the basics of marketing management and you will also learn advanced theories and applications via real-world illustrations, examples, exercises and case studies. You’ll learn how to make use of these marketing management tools in order to improve customer satisfaction, increase the customer base and increase the value of your company.

As part of the Marketing Management course, you will learn the following:

  • Basic Concepts of Marketing
  • Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • 4Ps of Marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion

Market Segmentation Analysis

The Market Segmentation Analysis course is an intermediate level course offered by The University of Queensland, Australia. The course duration is for 5 weeks and it is taught by Sara Dolnicar, UQ Vice-Chancellor Research Fellow, The University of Queensland, Friedrich Leisch, Professor and Head, Institute of Applied Statistics and Computing, The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and Bettina Grun, Associate Professor in Applied Statistics, Johannes Kepler University, Linz. You can enroll into the course for free but if you want a certificate of completion, you need to pay a fee of $99.

The course takes you through the process of marketing segmentation analysis and offers a 10-step process which makes customer segmentation organized and efficient. In the course, you will learn:

  • The fundamental of market segmentation.
  • 10 steps of market segmentation analysis and purpose of each.
  • Key pitfalls which can occur at every step.
  • Undertaking the 10 steps of market segmentation analysis on your own.
  • Commissioning a market segmentation analysis.
  • Questions that you must ask to ensure the validity of your market segmentation analysis.


So, whether you are already working in marketing or you are looking to change your career and develop the skills, tools and techniques required to give you the motivation and focus needed to succeed, digital marketing has plenty to offer. Ensure that you take the time to decide what skills you need to equip yourself with that can help you meet your requirements and you are sure to find the right course or program that can open up a whole range of career opportunities in marketing for you.

If you want to discover more learning opportunities, then be sure to take a look at our list of the best online courses. Thanks for reading and as always, have a great day!

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