best online sql courses

Best Online SQL Courses

Regardless of whether you are a recent computer science graduate or someone whose interest in programming has brought him or her to learn more about databases and Structured Query Language (SQL), an online course can really help in improving your level of knowledge and expertise in the field. While there are a large number of online courses available on any given topic at any given time, not all of them may be worth your time and money — yes, they can cost some money as well. In such a situation, how are you supposed to choose the right one for you?

The answer is simple. During the course of this piece, we will be looking at some of the best online courses for SQL that you can enroll yourself in right now!

Top 5 Best Online SQL Courses

These are the best online courses for SQL, all expertly reviewed to ensure that you find the perfect one for your needs and skill level. Let’s take a look!

Databases and SQL for Data Science – IBM

best online courses for sqlThe first course on this list is the “Databases and SQL for Data Science” course offered by IBM on the Coursera platform. During the first week of this 4-week course — enrollment is free — you will be introduced to the basics of databases. Ideally taking about 3 hours to complete, this is the time when you create a database instance and start writing some SQL statements for beginners. The following week will be spent delving deeper into advanced SQL.

During the third week, you will be taught how to access databases using Python, while the final week will be spent working on a course assignment. This assignment is a hands-on one, where you work with real-world data sets. The final assessments are based on how correct your SQL queries and results are.

This online course is also a part of multiple other programs on Coursera, most important of which are “Introduction to Data Science” and “IBM Data Science”. This means that completing this course will count towards your learning for any of these programs as well.

Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) – University of Michigan

The second option on our list of the best online courses for SQL is the “Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)” course offered by the University of Michigan on the Coursera platform again. If you are looking to understand the basics of SQL without spending too much, this course is a great option, as there is no fee to enroll in the program! During the course of this 4-week, you will be able to learn at your own pace for multiple reasons. First and foremost, this is an entirely online course that you can complete sitting at home. In addition to that, the deadlines are flexible.

During the first week of the course, you will be learning the installation process, where you work towards installing a text editor as well as MAMP or XAMPP, and creating a MySql Database. This is also the time when you write a PHP program. The next week is spent learning about the basics of the SQL language as well as single table queries. The last two weeks are spent covering database design and learning how to manage many-to-many relationships.

Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization – Duke University

The third and last Coursera option on this list is the “Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization” offered by Duke University. This is different from the other two mentioned above, as it isn’t just a course but a specialization that includes a bunch of different courses. Instead of the one month that most individual courses take, this specialization will take about 7 months to complete, at the end of which you will have to submit a hands-on project for evaluation.

There are five different courses that you have to complete under this specialization — Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies, Mastering Data Analysis in Excel, Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau, Managing Big Data with MySQL and Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics.

Developing SQL Databases – Microsoft

Another great course for those of you who are trying to learn more about SQL is the “Developing SQL Databases” course offered by Microsoft on the edX platform. This is a 4-week course that requires you to put in anywhere between 2 to 4 hours each week. While this course is free to enroll in, you will have to pay for a verified certificate if you want that at the end of the course. If you are looking to pursue this option, remember that you should know some basics of the fundamental database concepts.

During this course, you will learn how to design a normalized relational database schema, design and implement tables and so much more. As this course is a part of the Microsoft SQL Database Development XSeries on edX, you can expand your knowledge by following up with more courses in the series.

Managing SQL Server Operations – Microsoft

The last option on this list is also offered by Microsoft on the edX platform. The “Managing SQL Server Operations” course is offered for free but you will be asked to pay a fee for a verified certificate, just like the previous one. This is also a 4-week course that requires 2 to 3 hours of work each week. As a part of the SQL Server Database Administration series, this course has three different modules that you have to complete. These include SQL server management, SQL server monitoring and troubleshooting, as well as SQL server maintenance. In order to complete this course and benefit from it in the best possible manner, you will need to have some basic knowledge about database concepts and SQL query syntax.


After looking at our list of the best online SQL courses, you may find yourself better placed to choose the one that suits your requirements in the best possible manner. While all of these options are offered free of cost, you may be charged an extra fee for proper certification at the end of the course. While some learners may choose to let go of that, you may need it in case you are pursuing the courses for some credit or for enhancing your employability.

If you want to discover more learning opportunities, then be sure to take a look at our list of the best online courses. Thanks for reading and as always, have a great day!

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